The Teen Mom Curse

From Farrah Abraham to Jennelle Evans, the curse of the Teen Mom seems to be catching fire. Farrah (who appeared on Teen Mom in 2010 has been the subject of public scrutiny as well as the law.

Not only was Farrah caught for DUI, in which she had to complete alcohol abuse related courses, she has checked her self into rehab for unspecified reasons, but it is believed to be related to the DUI. Problem with alcohol maybe? Not only has she found herself in trouble with the law, she has ventured into the porn business, making a video called “Back door Teen Mom”….Im sure her daughter would be proud.

Continuing the trend of the Teen Mom curse…Jenelle Evans has been arrested AGAIN, her 8th arrest, for an outstanding warrant. In her latest mug shot, she appears all too happy to be back in the slammer. Apparently she decided not to show up to court for a charge related to drugs.

Her track record with the law is pretty poor. And then there is Amber Portwood, the 3rd victim of the Teen Mom cures….who was arrested in December 2011 for drug related charges, cant seem to keep herself out of trouble…including domestic violence and drugs.


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