Dick Van Dyke narrowly escaped certain disaster today in Los Angeles when his Jaguar caught on fire on the freeway.  Dick was driving along the 101 freeway (a super busy highway in Los Angeles) when his car burst into flames!  He pulled over and smoke was filling up his car.  A passer by saw Van Dyke in distress and pulled over.  The good samaritan, a dude named Jason Pennington, didnt know it was Dick Van Dyke in the burning car but did say “I saw a car on fire, filling up with smoke, and an elderly man kinda hunched over the wheel”….that is when Jason pulled over and yanked Van Dyke out of the car right before the engine BURST into flames!  It is said that 87 year old Van Dyke was disoriented but did not have any injuries requiring medical attention….His car?  Completely toasted & totaled. 

Picture courtesy of TMZ



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