Scottie Pippen will NOT be Prosecuted for Malibu incident

If you dont remember, or you didnt hear….back in June, Scottie Pippen KNOCKED a dude out, outside of Nobu restaurant in Malibu. The prosecutor in the case said they will not be prosecuting Scottie because there is simply not enough evidence to prove that Scottie was the aggressor in the incident. The “victim” claims he sustained multiple injuries and seizures due to the K.O., but it was later found out that the victim was STUPID drunk (0.18 BAL) and his injuries, if any, were minor at best. Docs said he only had a cut on his lip and a bruise here and there, so all in all, the dude was LYING!

The entire incident started after the victim was badgering Scottie for pictures and autographs, after Scottie agreed to a first picture, the guy wanted another one….then starting throwing racial slurs, and that is when Scottie knocked him to the ground with one blow. Shortly after that, Scottie went to law enforcement officials himself to explain the situation. The criminal case has been dropped, but the victim is still going after him in civil court, to the tune of $4 mil, but after this evidence, we think his case is lost.


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