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Started From The Bottom: How ModCloth Went From a College Dorm to $100 Million a Year


ModCloth founder Susan Gregg Koger has had a long love affair with thrifting and vintage clothing. In 2002, with the help of her then-boyfriend (and now husband) Eric Koger, she launched ModCloth, a simple online shop where she sold the finds she could no longer fit in her closet.

Today, ModCloth is one of the fastest-growing fashion and home ecommerce ventures to emerge in the past decade. The company did more than $100 million in sales last year, and is growing at a rate of 40% annually, according to a ModCloth spokesperson.

iPhone 6 Infinity Concept Has A Wrap-Around Screen

We’re less than a month away from seeing what the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S will look like—fingerprint sensor and all—but some artists on Dribble have been dreaming of a new feature for the iPhone: an infinite screen.
Claudio Guglieri’s iPhone 6 Infinity mockup and template sparked a mess of awesome rebounds from other artists who added their own bits of flair to the idea of an iPhone with a display that wraps completely around the device.


Iron Man Robert Downey Jr. Gets $12 mil on marketing campaign

In its most daring effort yet to stay in league with Apple and Samsung, HTC announced a massive marketing campaign Monday starring “Iron Man” actor Robert Downey Jr.

The Taiwanese phone maker confirmed it has signed Downey to a two-year deal, which is reportedly worth $12 million.


4 Social Media Changes, Explained

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram all announced new features this week. Facebook updated its algorithm to reprioritize the posts in your News Feed; Twitter revamped its two-factor authentication system to make your account more secure; LinkedIn added the capability to apply for jobs from your mobile phone; and Instagram rolled out two new features in version 4.1.
Here’s a recap of this week’s changes in the link below.


Analyst Prediction: Facebook Video Ads Will Generate $1 Billion in 2014

20130809-185114.jpg Facebook users may not be excited to see video ads hit their News Feeds, but company stockholders should be. A report released by Morgan Stanley on Wednesday predicts that Facebook’s video advertisements will generate more than $1 billion in 2014 — a lofty total considering they don’t exist yet.

This total would constitute 1% of all television ad spending in the United States. Morgan Stanley predicts Facebook’s video ads could generate as much as $6.5 billion by 2020.

The report, which was compiled by analysts Scott Devitt, Jordan Monahan and John Egbert, is based primarily on media reports from sources like Bloomberg and The Financial Times. It predicts that Facebook video ads will first roll out later this year (a view widely held among reporters covering Facebook) and remain a U.S.-only feature through much of 2014.

Europe is expected to join in late 2014, Asia in 2015 and the rest of the world’s markets by the end of 2016.