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Man Shoots Marijuana Wrapped Around Arrow At County Jail


A Bellingham man wrapped a baggie of marijuana around an arrow and fired it at the second-floor recreation area of Whatcom County Jail on Tuesday morning.

David Wayne Jordan, 36, later Said he had been aiming at a squirrel.

He couldn’t explain why squirrel hunting requires attaching marijuana to an arrow.

A sheriff’s employee saw The guy get out of his pickup with a hunting bow and arrow. He fired the marijuana missile upward toward the second-floor, fresh-air exercise area for inmates.

This marksman, Robin Hood wannabe served a 20-day jail sentence for two counts of assault and one count of resisting arrest. He was released Friday, Aug. 23.

Jail officials rebooked him Tuesday evening on suspicion of introducing contraband to a corrections facility in the third degree, resisting arrest and obstructing law enforcement. His current cell is on the first floor.

‘Girl Gone Wild’ Creator Joe Francis Sentenced To 270 Days In Jail


Three months after being convicted of false imprisonment and assault charges, “Girls Gone Wild” founder Joe Francis was sentenced to serve 270 days in jail, a Los Angeles Superior Court spokeswoman told NBC News on Tuesday.

Francis, 40, was found guilty in May of three counts of false imprisonment, one count of assault causing great bodily injury and one count of dissuading a witness during an incident in his Bel Air mansion in 2011. He will also serve 36 months on probation, attend psychological counseling for one year, and an anger management course.

Scottie Pippen will NOT be Prosecuted for Malibu incident

If you dont remember, or you didnt hear….back in June, Scottie Pippen KNOCKED a dude out, outside of Nobu restaurant in Malibu. The prosecutor in the case said they will not be prosecuting Scottie because there is simply not enough evidence to prove that Scottie was the aggressor in the incident. The “victim” claims he sustained multiple injuries and seizures due to the K.O., but it was later found out that the victim was STUPID drunk (0.18 BAL) and his injuries, if any, were minor at best. Docs said he only had a cut on his lip and a bruise here and there, so all in all, the dude was LYING!

The entire incident started after the victim was badgering Scottie for pictures and autographs, after Scottie agreed to a first picture, the guy wanted another one….then starting throwing racial slurs, and that is when Scottie knocked him to the ground with one blow. Shortly after that, Scottie went to law enforcement officials himself to explain the situation. The criminal case has been dropped, but the victim is still going after him in civil court, to the tune of $4 mil, but after this evidence, we think his case is lost.

Khloe and Lamar SEPARATED

Ever since the drama started, Khloe stood by her man. Now it appears his crack addiction has become the beginning of the end for Khloe and Lamar. Khloe said that from the time she kicked him out on Wednesday, they are officially separated. Apparently, only Khloe knew about the addiction, until it became so overwhelming that she could no longer hide the secret. She asked her family for help (the intervention) and that is when Lamar gave up. He was kicked out of the house and then disappeared for 72 hours. Khloe always said he was addicted to “performance enhancing drugs” but never admitted until recently that it is crack. Who woulda thought Lamar Odom would become a crack head?

Our hearts, thoughts and prayers go out to Khloe and Lamar during this difficult time.

Lamar Odom – MISSING! Friends and Family Worried!

As we first told you last week, Lamar Odom is battling a serious drug addiction and its causing his entire life to fall apart. His marriage and career are on the line now, and after a failed intervention on Wednesday, Lamar has gone missing. Friends and family close to Lamar say that nobody has seen or heard from him for 72 hours (3 days) and they fear he is on a drug binge. When we first brought you the story, we didnt know exactly which drug Lamar is addicted to, but now we know he is addicted to crack cocaine.

He has been battling his addiction for 2 years and since the end of the basketball season, the problem has gotten really serious. The Kardashian family tried to stage an intervention with him on Wednesday which he flat out rejected, and that is why Khloe kicked him out. Now, he is missing. People close to him are afraid he is holed up somewhere on a drug binge (and praying to their God’s that he isnt dead).

More details to follow….When Lamar resurfaces, we will let you know…….

Another Celeb DUI Bust


The younger brother of actor Cuba Gooding Jr. was arrested for DUI early Tuesday in L.A. and was released hours later.

Omar Gooding host of Nickelodeon’s ’90s show “Wild & Crazy Kids” and also came out with a rap album had a wild and crazy night on Tuesday


DMX is no stranger to being in trouble with the law and last night he was arrested AGAIN, in South Carolina. If you recall, he was arrested about a month ago for DUI. This time DMX was not driving, but the car he was in was pulled over for allegedly making an illegal U-Turn. DMX believes it was a set up and it was all caught on tape. DMX was arrested because there was weed in the car (which he said he was not awae of) and because he had an outstanding warrant. DMX went in front of a judge this morning and was released from jail, but placed on house arrest. According to the arrest report, DMX smelled/behaved like he was drunk and smelled like weed. Again, DMX claims he was not aware that there was any weed in the car.

Drag-On from the Ruff Ryder’s and good friend of DMX have told us here at The Made Market that he’s already home and is doing good!

Duck Dynasty Star KICKED OUT of hotel – Confused for a homeless man!


One of the stars of Duck Dynasty was tossed out of a NYC hotel because the staff confused him for a homeless man…..granted his attire leaves a lot to be desired, but do you think that was the right call for the hotel?Duck Dynasty star Jase Robertston says he has been a victim of facial profiling, when the staff did not believe him when he said he is a guest at the hotel. Jase was in NYC to go on the “Live! Kelly and Michael” show to promote the 4th season of the hit show, Duck Dynasty.

He understands that the staff might not have known who he was, but when he asked to use the restroom in the hotel the staffer said “Right this way sir” and lead him right out of the hotel, pointed down the road and said “Good Luck”.

All in all, Roberston took the situation in stride and continued to promote his HIT A&E show.

Kanye West BOOED By Dodger Fans


Kanye West did not get a warm welcome at Dodger Stadium Wednesday night.

He got booed by the LA Dodger Fans when the camera scanned over the rapper showing him on the Jumbotron at the game vs. the New York Mets.

A short time later, Markazi of ESPN Tweeted that the rapper’s seats had been upgraded. “Kanye West just got moved to second row seats near the Mets dugout.

Colin Kaepernick: The GQ Man

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick will be featured on the cover of GQ coming out August 20. The NFL star talks about being underestimated, stereotyped and his mental toughness.