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Lil Scrappy ARRESTED again!


Lil Scrappy was arrested yesterday after getting into a brawl at a local gas station.  According to reports, the incident happened around 2:30 AM and Scrappy was with his girlfriend at the gas station.  The other guy, whose name just happens to be Kenny Rogers, allegedly started calling Scrappy’s girlfriend names and demeaning her.  An off-duty officer was at the same gas station when the call came in and he broke up the fight.  When on-duty officers arrived, both men were arrested.  Reports are saying that Scrappy claims Rogers was the aggressor and they have gas station surveillance video to prove it.  Scrappy is fully complying with police and was very polite while under arrest.  He was released a few hours later.

Justin Bieber BUSTED in California!



Its not unusual to hear that Justin Bieber or one of his goons are driving like jerks, but today at least, they will have to pay. Justin was stopped for blowing through a stop sign near is home in Calabasas, CA around 4:30 AM. When the cops stopped him, they realized he is not licensed to drive in California (state requires that you should get appropriate state driver’s license 10 days after moving to the state and JB bought his house back in June – way over the 10 days). Justin was not allowed to drive home, so his passenger took over the wheel. JB was cited for running a stop sign and driving without a valid license.

Dancing With The Stars: Who’s In?



We are finding out some of this season’s participants on Dancing with The Stars and it looks like its going to be a pretty nice lineup.  From Snooki making her post baby appearance to Leah Remini and her post Scientology appearance….the “cast” will be easy on the eyes.  One shocker is that Valerie Harper will be on the show, which is crazy because doctors said she was supposed to die back in June due to a rare brain cancer that is NOT curable.  Harper has already participated in two days of training and sources say she is doing great despite the psychically challenging schedule.  (Valerie once played “Rhoda” on the Mary Tyler Moore show).  Other celebs set to star in Dancing With The Stars this season are Amber Riley (from Glee), Elizabeth Berkley (from Saved by The Bell), Leah Remini, Snooki and Christina Milian.

Khloe & Lamar – HUGE MARRIAGE CRISIS – Due to drug abuse


Sources close to Khloe and Lamar are saying despite the cheating rumors, the real problem in the marriage is drugs.  Its come to light that Lamar is a serious drug addict, and even went to rehab last August, where he only stayed for about 3 weeks (against his will).  Its so serious that the family staged an intervention for Lamar and when the intervention failed, Khloe kicked him out of the house.  Khloe does believe that Lamar cheated as well, but she is more concerned about the drugs.  Lamar has been an addict for about 2 years and after his stint in rehab, managed to stay clean for the season with the Clippers but when the season was over he slipped back into the addiction.

Despite the rumors of divorce, neither has contacted a lawyer and Khloe is more concerned about saving Lamar.  No word on exactly what drug Lamar is addicted to.

Kanye West DEBUTS Baby North!!! Finally!


FINALLY! After nearly 3 months in hiding, Kanye West debuted baby North West to the world on the Kris Jenner show. Of course, Kris is trying to boost ratings (if not, Fox will give her show the ax because its in a “trial period”) and who better to have on than the guy who never talks to anyone.
Not only did we get to see baby North, but we got to see a softer side of Kanye. He called Kim his “joy”, explaining how much he loves her, and how worth it she is. Kanye has always had a thing for Kim (10+ years – persistence pays people1) and he says now she has brought his new joy into his life.

What do you think of baby North West? Do you think they took too long to present her to the world? (I mean seriously, a future King of England was born and we saw him the day after birth).

Tour Bus STANDOFF Arrests Made – Connected with Lil Wayne, 2 Chainz and T.I.


In Oklahoma, a tour bus that is connected to the tour with Lil Wayne, 2 Chainz and T.I. was pulled over and cops suspect there are drugs on board. The cops pulled the bus over for a broken tail light but noticed some funky stuff going on….what appeared to be drug use. When cops tried to board the bus, the passengers and driver locked the doors and told the cops they need to get a warrant. Lil Wayne and T.I. left the state via private jet, so we know they are not on the bus but there is no word if 2 Chainz was on the bus.

A few hours later, cops got the warrant and entered the bus and immediately placed people under arrest for “interfering with police process” for locking the cops out and they are searching for drugs. When asked if 2 Chainz was one of the ones arrested, cops said they dont know yet, but the tour bus is connected to him.

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Lindsay Lohan: Really Committed to Sobriety?



We know that Lindsay has really been making an effort to make her sobriety stick, she has a sober living coach living with her, she made lists of “bad influences” to be X’ed out of her life and has acknowledged that she is an addict, which are all positive steps.
But many are questioning Lindsay’s commitment to sobriety this week, because she was seen hanging out (more than once) with another known addict, Vikram Chatwal. Chatwal and Lohan were once romantically linked, they would party together like it was 1999 and they were both forced to go to rehab by the courts. Chatwal, who was busted in Miami back in April with a LOAD of drugs – everything from weed to heroine to pills – is supposed to be completing a 12 month in-patient rehab. So we gotta ask? If he is in an in-patient rehab, why is he running around town (dinner, shopping) with Lindsay?
Sources close to Lindsay dont understand why she is even hanging out with him, if she supposedly cut out all of the bad influences in her life…and her friends are afraid she is going to relapse. Lindsay thinks its good for her recovery, to hang out with another recovering addict, but professionals across the board say its a BAD idea! They say it is especially dangerous for addicts who just got out of rehab, to be hanging out with old friends from their “party life”.

What do you think? Do you think LiLo is committed to her recovery? Or do you think she is already falling back to her old ways?

Prince and Paris Jackson: In Love and War


Lately, friends and sources close to Paris Jackson are talking more about the events that led up to Paris’s attempted suicide. Paris has been feeling a sense of abandonment ever since her father, Michael Jackson, died. Before Michael passed, she said the family was really united, and after his death, everything fell apart. One of the most important relationships in her life was the one she had with her older brother Prince Jackson. As of lately, Prince has been into other things: girls, martial arts, cars (typical teen boy stuff) and has not been spending as much time with his sister or his family and that is what set Paris off. After suffering depression after her father died, it compounded by the feeling of abandonment. Apparently Paris and Prince were fighting a lot in the days and weeks leading up to her suicide attempt. If you recall, a few months ago Paris tried to cut her wrists using a meat cleaver and after a brief stint in the hospital was whisked away to a special school (at the orders of her mother Debbie Rowe). Paris is now saying that she regrets fighting with her brother and she wants him back in her life. Prince is the other family member that Paris feels she can relate to, because everyone else is either too old or too young. Experts are saying that the fact that she is showing regret and wants to repair her relationship with her brother is a very good, progressive sign that she is back on the right track.

Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel are BANGING!


It appears that Cameron has found herself a new boy toy, in the form of Jason Segel. Jason was dating some random chick after breaking up with Michelle Williams (apparently he was a CLASS “A” clinger). We thought Cameron was dating that Telsa billionaire, but recent sightings suggest otherwise (unless she is cheating on the dude). So how did Jason Segel end up hooking up with Cameron Diaz? Well for starters, they did a movie together called “Bad Teacher” – we gotta assume that is where they met.

So how do we know they are banging? They have been spotted twice together in the Hamptons (when Cameron has a home)….They were spotted at a party and then going grocery shopping together (uh, if that isnt a sign of hooking up, I dont know what is)…After picking up the groceries, they locked themselves away in Cameron’s house, not to be seen again for a day or two. All the signs are pointing to major hook up fests….

What do you think of the new, uh, couple?

Vicki Gunvalson involved in MURDER FOR HIRE plot!


Ever since Vicki got herself involved with the scumbag that is Brooks Ayers, her life has been a roller coaster. She has found herself in the news more than she probably likes, and this time, her name is coming up in a murder for hire plot!

We brought you the story earlier about Brooks and Vicki’s legal war – battling over a vodka company they were supposed to open together- with another business partner. Now the business partner has filed a lawsuit (which Brooks has countered with a defamation lawsuit), and in court docs it claims that Brooks was trying to hire a hit man to kill Vicki’s business partner – and they have actively uncovered evidence to suggest that was really Brooks’ intention. Brooks isnt the most stable of people – we know this after that nasty drunken rant he went on – so it is possible he was looking for someone to do a “hit”…..The question is, did Vicki know? We are guessing she didnt, because she didnt even know he was cheating on her….Geez Vicki, keep better company!!