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Lindsay Lohan: Really Committed to Sobriety?



We know that Lindsay has really been making an effort to make her sobriety stick, she has a sober living coach living with her, she made lists of “bad influences” to be X’ed out of her life and has acknowledged that she is an addict, which are all positive steps.
But many are questioning Lindsay’s commitment to sobriety this week, because she was seen hanging out (more than once) with another known addict, Vikram Chatwal. Chatwal and Lohan were once romantically linked, they would party together like it was 1999 and they were both forced to go to rehab by the courts. Chatwal, who was busted in Miami back in April with a LOAD of drugs – everything from weed to heroine to pills – is supposed to be completing a 12 month in-patient rehab. So we gotta ask? If he is in an in-patient rehab, why is he running around town (dinner, shopping) with Lindsay?
Sources close to Lindsay dont understand why she is even hanging out with him, if she supposedly cut out all of the bad influences in her life…and her friends are afraid she is going to relapse. Lindsay thinks its good for her recovery, to hang out with another recovering addict, but professionals across the board say its a BAD idea! They say it is especially dangerous for addicts who just got out of rehab, to be hanging out with old friends from their “party life”.

What do you think? Do you think LiLo is committed to her recovery? Or do you think she is already falling back to her old ways?

Lindsay Lohan SPOTTED in NYC – No Pants and Bad Company?


Lindsay Lohan was spotted in NYC, heading to dinner in SoHo, with an old friend to whom she was at one time romantically linked.  Lindsay dined out with hotelier Vikram Chatwal – owner of The Dream Hotel and who recently checked into rehab himself.  A few months ago, Chatwal was arrested at Florida airport for possesion of marijuana, cocaine and prescription pills (yes, he was trying to board a flight with all that!).  I dont know if he is the best company LiLo should be keeping, but hey, maybe she can help him.  Lindz was also arrested at his hotel (The Dream Hotel) for a hit and run earlier this year (the charges were later dropped).  But the real story here, where are Lindsay’s pants?  She decided to wear a plain, white, long collar shirt with some statement piece jewelry and boots.  Although it appears she didnt wear  pants to her dinner date, if you look closely, she was wearing black short shorties under the shirt.

What do you think about her outfit?  What about her hanging out with Chatwal?  Hopefully, he doesnt cause her to relapse….We are rooting for you Lindsay!