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Justin Bieber BUSTED in California!



Its not unusual to hear that Justin Bieber or one of his goons are driving like jerks, but today at least, they will have to pay. Justin was stopped for blowing through a stop sign near is home in Calabasas, CA around 4:30 AM. When the cops stopped him, they realized he is not licensed to drive in California (state requires that you should get appropriate state driver’s license 10 days after moving to the state and JB bought his house back in June – way over the 10 days). Justin was not allowed to drive home, so his passenger took over the wheel. JB was cited for running a stop sign and driving without a valid license.


Miguel JUMPS right into a DUI!



California Highway Patrol confirms that singer Miguel was arrested this morning in Los Angeles for DUI.  According to police records, he was originally stopped for speeding but the officer smelled the stench of alcohol and asked if he would consent to a field sobriety test – which he failed miserably.  After doing the breathalyzer, they did determine he was drunk – he blew .10 and .11 (slightly over the legal limit of 0.08 in the State of California). 

Miguel was released a few hours later on $5,000 bond and is scheduled to appear in court in September.