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Kourtney Kardashian is putting all this pesky baby daddy drama to rest once and for all! Kourtney BEAT her accuser to the punch – yes, the male model that claims to be the father of her 3 year old son Mason – and he got a HUGE slap in the face! In what proved to be a desperate grab for 15 minutes of fame, male model Michael Girgenti said he had an affair with Kourtney back in 2009 and he is in fact the father of Kourtney’s son Mason.

Kourtney put herself one step ahead of the game, getting a DNA test for herself, Scott Disick and Mason Disick. Today, Kourtney released documents from the well respected testing company LabCorp PROVING once and for all that Scott Disick is Mason’s biological father.

Kourtney immediatley denied the allegations, but just for good measure, she took it one step further and got SOLID PROOF that she was faithful to Scott and he is the father!


Divorce SETTLED! The Cowell/Silverman Love Triangle Saga Continues…



Lauren Silverman just got the green light to move forward with her relationship with Simon Cowell, because she just settled her divorce with estranged husband and real estate mogul Andrew Silverman. 

Sources say the Silverman’s worked out some sort of custody agreement for their 7 year old son, and Lauren WILL be staying in NYC (despite rumors that she was moving to California to live with Simon Cowell in Beverly Hills).  We are told that Andrew settled the divorce and Lauren will get just north of $2 Million…..that is definitley enough to start her NYC boutique and expenses…..although Im sure Simon Cowell will have no problem pony-ing up the money for his baby momma!  This is the first child for Simon Cowell and the second for Lauren Silverman….Updates on the divorce details to follow!