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Khloe & Lamar – HUGE MARRIAGE CRISIS – Due to drug abuse


Sources close to Khloe and Lamar are saying despite the cheating rumors, the real problem in the marriage is drugs.  Its come to light that Lamar is a serious drug addict, and even went to rehab last August, where he only stayed for about 3 weeks (against his will).  Its so serious that the family staged an intervention for Lamar and when the intervention failed, Khloe kicked him out of the house.  Khloe does believe that Lamar cheated as well, but she is more concerned about the drugs.  Lamar has been an addict for about 2 years and after his stint in rehab, managed to stay clean for the season with the Clippers but when the season was over he slipped back into the addiction.

Despite the rumors of divorce, neither has contacted a lawyer and Khloe is more concerned about saving Lamar.  No word on exactly what drug Lamar is addicted to.

Kanye West DEBUTS Baby North!!! Finally!


FINALLY! After nearly 3 months in hiding, Kanye West debuted baby North West to the world on the Kris Jenner show. Of course, Kris is trying to boost ratings (if not, Fox will give her show the ax because its in a “trial period”) and who better to have on than the guy who never talks to anyone.
Not only did we get to see baby North, but we got to see a softer side of Kanye. He called Kim his “joy”, explaining how much he loves her, and how worth it she is. Kanye has always had a thing for Kim (10+ years – persistence pays people1) and he says now she has brought his new joy into his life.

What do you think of baby North West? Do you think they took too long to present her to the world? (I mean seriously, a future King of England was born and we saw him the day after birth).

Prince and Paris Jackson: In Love and War


Lately, friends and sources close to Paris Jackson are talking more about the events that led up to Paris’s attempted suicide. Paris has been feeling a sense of abandonment ever since her father, Michael Jackson, died. Before Michael passed, she said the family was really united, and after his death, everything fell apart. One of the most important relationships in her life was the one she had with her older brother Prince Jackson. As of lately, Prince has been into other things: girls, martial arts, cars (typical teen boy stuff) and has not been spending as much time with his sister or his family and that is what set Paris off. After suffering depression after her father died, it compounded by the feeling of abandonment. Apparently Paris and Prince were fighting a lot in the days and weeks leading up to her suicide attempt. If you recall, a few months ago Paris tried to cut her wrists using a meat cleaver and after a brief stint in the hospital was whisked away to a special school (at the orders of her mother Debbie Rowe). Paris is now saying that she regrets fighting with her brother and she wants him back in her life. Prince is the other family member that Paris feels she can relate to, because everyone else is either too old or too young. Experts are saying that the fact that she is showing regret and wants to repair her relationship with her brother is a very good, progressive sign that she is back on the right track.

Vicki Gunvalson involved in MURDER FOR HIRE plot!


Ever since Vicki got herself involved with the scumbag that is Brooks Ayers, her life has been a roller coaster. She has found herself in the news more than she probably likes, and this time, her name is coming up in a murder for hire plot!

We brought you the story earlier about Brooks and Vicki’s legal war – battling over a vodka company they were supposed to open together- with another business partner. Now the business partner has filed a lawsuit (which Brooks has countered with a defamation lawsuit), and in court docs it claims that Brooks was trying to hire a hit man to kill Vicki’s business partner – and they have actively uncovered evidence to suggest that was really Brooks’ intention. Brooks isnt the most stable of people – we know this after that nasty drunken rant he went on – so it is possible he was looking for someone to do a “hit”…..The question is, did Vicki know? We are guessing she didnt, because she didnt even know he was cheating on her….Geez Vicki, keep better company!!

J. Law is TAKEN!


If you guys are anything like me, I have the HUGEST girl crush on Jennifer Lawrence, so naturally, I like to follow whats going on with her! The latest with J. Law is that she is also OFF THE MARKET….she has rekindled her romance with ex-boyfriend and X-Men costar Nicholas Hoult.  After being spotted together in June, rumors began to fly that the pair had gotten back together.  The adorable couple put the rumors to bed over the weekend when they were seen attending the Montreal premiere of “The Butler” together and then going on a romantic park date.  At the park, they shared a bottle of champagne and had salad, held hands romantically and laid down on a blanket together – each reading something different. 

Young love, aint it grand?

Teresa and Joe Guidice Cop A ________??


Reality TV star Teresa Giudice and Joe Giudice returned to court Wednesday and plead not guilty to federal fraud charges (among other charges).

While in court they let their lawyers do all the talking. The Guidices tried to cop a plea deal with the Feds but it was REJECTED!! Sources close to the situation have said that the plea deal was to avoid jail time but it appears the Feds won’t go for it because they want them to see at least a little time in jail – the Feds want to make sure that people know – you can’t cheat the IRS and not get punished!

The stress appears to be getting to Teresa, who is starting to fold under the pressure.

When their brief court appearance was over, “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” stars walked out looking like she has this under control, when in fact, it’s way out of control!

Miguel JUMPS right into a DUI!



California Highway Patrol confirms that singer Miguel was arrested this morning in Los Angeles for DUI.  According to police records, he was originally stopped for speeding but the officer smelled the stench of alcohol and asked if he would consent to a field sobriety test – which he failed miserably.  After doing the breathalyzer, they did determine he was drunk – he blew .10 and .11 (slightly over the legal limit of 0.08 in the State of California). 

Miguel was released a few hours later on $5,000 bond and is scheduled to appear in court in September. 

That 70’s Show Star – Lisa Robin Kelly – DEAD at 43!!


Lisa Robin Kelly – who played Eric Foreman’s sister on “That 70’s Show” has died. Lisa voluntarily checked herself into rehab after several stints in the slammer for drugs/alcohol and domestic violence related incidents.

It appears that Lisa died in her sleep while at the rehab facility, where she voluntarily checked herself in for alcohol abuse issues. Lisa filed for divorce from her husband back in July 2013, after a harsh beating she took from him in May, which friends and family believe was the cause of her relapse with alcohol. No further details have been released at this time.

When emergency crews responded they found several needle marks on her arms, which her current boyfriend says is from a hospital visit on Sunday when nurses were trying to extract blood because she had a 0.34 Blood Alcohol level (about 5 times the legal limit) – not from drug abuse. Lisa has been arrested 4 times in the last 3 years for everything from DUI, Domestic Abuse and Assult.

More details to coming soon…..

Wale Responds to Kendrick Lamar!


And its not what you might think! After Kendrick Lamar put the hip hop world on notice on Tuesday (dropping some crazy rhymes on Big Sean’s “Control” track)….Wale has responded. Wale was one of the artists hit in Kendrick Lamar’s lyrical firestorm….and Wale says he would be offended if he HADNT been mentioned! When he was caught up with at LAX, Wale said “Id be offended if my name wasnt in that sh*t”

Kim Kardashian – OUT OF HIDING! Post Baby Reveal!


Months after giving birth to her daughter with boyfriend Kanye West….baby North West’s mother finally comes out of hiding!

Everyone has been wondering what Kim Kardashian looks like since giving birth and now we know! Kim and baby North West surfaced going into an LA Medical Center. Baby North West was hidden in a car seat, lightly covered by a blanket, and Kim decided to go a similar route, wearing baggy clothing and minimal makeup so as not to reveal her post baby body. Look at that grin on Kanye’s face!

Photo courtesy of TMZ