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Wale Responds to Kendrick Lamar!


And its not what you might think! After Kendrick Lamar put the hip hop world on notice on Tuesday (dropping some crazy rhymes on Big Sean’s “Control” track)….Wale has responded. Wale was one of the artists hit in Kendrick Lamar’s lyrical firestorm….and Wale says he would be offended if he HADNT been mentioned! When he was caught up with at LAX, Wale said “Id be offended if my name wasnt in that sh*t”

Diddy says Kendrick Lamar is a JOKE via Instagram!

After Kendrick Lamar’s lyrics created a firestorm on the social networking scene, the real Kings of New York are firing back.

As you probably know, Lamar dropped some lyrics on Big Sean’s new song “Control” and burned all the big boys of the industry….and left nobody out! (Dont know what we are talking about? Check out our blog post with the detailed lyrics here: ) The battle lines have been drawn, and this 26 year old new comer to the game has made some pretty big waves…Controversy is King, right?

Now, Diddy is firing back via Instagram (@IAMDiddy) with a picture that says a thousand words! Check it out for yourself and tell us what you think!


Who do you think are the REAL Hip Hop Kings of New York?