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Adrienne Maloof & Paul Nassif : STILL BICKERING!


It looks like Paul Nassif has finally learned his lesson with Adrienne Maloof and he finally threw in the towel. Among the thousands of things these two fight about, the latest is where their 11 year old son Gavin would be going to school. Adrienne wants Gavin, who has some learning and development issues, to go to a regular school but has specialized programs for kids with special needs. Paul wants Gavin to go to a special school for kids with serious disabilities. Well, today Paul decided to just let Adrienne have her way and bascially threw up the white flag. Today, he also dropped his lawsuit against Bernie Guzman, who he was suing because Bernie posted photos of Adrienne all beat up and claimed Paul was the one who battered her.

Just make a clean break Paul and get on with your life!

Khole kicks Lamar to the curb!!


Amid reports that Lamar Odom has been cheating, Khloe Kardashian has kicked him to the curb! Odom has been kicked out of the marital home in Encino, CA and has moved into a hotel say sources.

Alot of rumors about Kardashian and Odom have been flying lately, reports of infidelity on Lamar’s part, talks of divorce….and now it seems, all is not well in paradise….Despite what appears to be a good, healthy relationship….cheating allegations have created a rift between the two.

Khloe was seen entering the hotel where Lamar is staying where she stayed briefly….after that she went to lunch with her mom Kris Jenner, and then back to the hotel for about 20 minutes and left looking somber according to sources….Khloe left alone and apparently sad…

Hours ago, Kris Jenner released a statement saying the divorce rumors are simply untrue….details to follow.

Divorce SETTLED! The Cowell/Silverman Love Triangle Saga Continues…



Lauren Silverman just got the green light to move forward with her relationship with Simon Cowell, because she just settled her divorce with estranged husband and real estate mogul Andrew Silverman. 

Sources say the Silverman’s worked out some sort of custody agreement for their 7 year old son, and Lauren WILL be staying in NYC (despite rumors that she was moving to California to live with Simon Cowell in Beverly Hills).  We are told that Andrew settled the divorce and Lauren will get just north of $2 Million…..that is definitley enough to start her NYC boutique and expenses…..although Im sure Simon Cowell will have no problem pony-ing up the money for his baby momma!  This is the first child for Simon Cowell and the second for Lauren Silverman….Updates on the divorce details to follow!