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Another Celeb DUI Bust


The younger brother of actor Cuba Gooding Jr. was arrested for DUI early Tuesday in L.A. and was released hours later.

Omar Gooding host of Nickelodeon’s ’90s show “Wild & Crazy Kids” and also came out with a rap album had a wild and crazy night on Tuesday


DMX is no stranger to being in trouble with the law and last night he was arrested AGAIN, in South Carolina. If you recall, he was arrested about a month ago for DUI. This time DMX was not driving, but the car he was in was pulled over for allegedly making an illegal U-Turn. DMX believes it was a set up and it was all caught on tape. DMX was arrested because there was weed in the car (which he said he was not awae of) and because he had an outstanding warrant. DMX went in front of a judge this morning and was released from jail, but placed on house arrest. According to the arrest report, DMX smelled/behaved like he was drunk and smelled like weed. Again, DMX claims he was not aware that there was any weed in the car.

Drag-On from the Ruff Ryder’s and good friend of DMX have told us here at The Made Market that he’s already home and is doing good!

Miguel JUMPS right into a DUI!



California Highway Patrol confirms that singer Miguel was arrested this morning in Los Angeles for DUI.  According to police records, he was originally stopped for speeding but the officer smelled the stench of alcohol and asked if he would consent to a field sobriety test – which he failed miserably.  After doing the breathalyzer, they did determine he was drunk – he blew .10 and .11 (slightly over the legal limit of 0.08 in the State of California). 

Miguel was released a few hours later on $5,000 bond and is scheduled to appear in court in September. 

That 70’s Show Star – Lisa Robin Kelly – DEAD at 43!!


Lisa Robin Kelly – who played Eric Foreman’s sister on “That 70’s Show” has died. Lisa voluntarily checked herself into rehab after several stints in the slammer for drugs/alcohol and domestic violence related incidents.

It appears that Lisa died in her sleep while at the rehab facility, where she voluntarily checked herself in for alcohol abuse issues. Lisa filed for divorce from her husband back in July 2013, after a harsh beating she took from him in May, which friends and family believe was the cause of her relapse with alcohol. No further details have been released at this time.

When emergency crews responded they found several needle marks on her arms, which her current boyfriend says is from a hospital visit on Sunday when nurses were trying to extract blood because she had a 0.34 Blood Alcohol level (about 5 times the legal limit) – not from drug abuse. Lisa has been arrested 4 times in the last 3 years for everything from DUI, Domestic Abuse and Assult.

More details to coming soon…..