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Lil Scrappy ARRESTED again!


Lil Scrappy was arrested yesterday after getting into a brawl at a local gas station.  According to reports, the incident happened around 2:30 AM and Scrappy was with his girlfriend at the gas station.  The other guy, whose name just happens to be Kenny Rogers, allegedly started calling Scrappy’s girlfriend names and demeaning her.  An off-duty officer was at the same gas station when the call came in and he broke up the fight.  When on-duty officers arrived, both men were arrested.  Reports are saying that Scrappy claims Rogers was the aggressor and they have gas station surveillance video to prove it.  Scrappy is fully complying with police and was very polite while under arrest.  He was released a few hours later.


Dont Dare talk to Yeezus!



Another photog has taken on the challenge of trying to talk to the almighty Yeezus…..and what happened was so crazy, we dare not say it!

The photog started talking to Kayne, trying to engage him, and despite all of the papparazzi’s efforts, he couldnt get Kayne to budge.  Kayne has made it very clear in the past that the photogs and papparazi are NOT allowed to talk to him, saying “Dont talk to me.  Dont talk.  Dont ever talk.”  Kayne has some bad blood with the paps, but today, Kayne decided to put it aside and keep his rant to himself.

After the photog tried several times (and appeared to be talking to himself), Kayne actually FLASHED A SMILE!  This is only one of a handful of times that Yeezus has ever been caught smiling.  Looks like someone is lightening up!




Sources say that Raz-B has finally come out of the life threatening coma he fell into Monday, after being smashed in the face with a bottle on Sunday night.  Raz-B was performing in a club in China when a fight broke out, Raz tried to break it up and was smashed in the face with a bottle.  After getting minor surgery on his lip gashes, he went to sleep and didn’t wake up.  Now it is being said that Raz-B is awake, smiling, responsive and it is a miracle that he is alive right now.  Raz-B is still in the hospital, because they want to monitor his condition for a few more days before releasing him.  Details to follow.

R. Patz Shoves a Dude in the FACE!



Last night while leaving the nightclub Troubador in L.A, Robert Pattinson (looking pretty boozed up), shoved a dude in the face, HARD!  R. Patz thought he was being pestered by a paparrazi, but in fact, he shoved one of the nightclub security guard in the face.  TMZ posted a short video of the shove, which the security guard says “He grabbed my face”…and other photogs begin to say “Why did you hit him?”  before Robert takes off in the back seat of a car….




Raz-B was performing in a nightclub in China on Thursday when he tried to break up a fight and got smashed in the face with a bottle.  What appeared to be minor injuries that were treated only hours after the incident (he sought medical attention for a huge gash in his lip) turned out to be more serious than anyone could have imagined.  After treatment Raz-B went to sleep and didnt wake up….that is when a  back up dancer called for emergency crews.  Raz-B is now in a coma,  fighting for his life, on life support after doctors determined the situation is much more dire than originally thought.