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Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel are BANGING!


It appears that Cameron has found herself a new boy toy, in the form of Jason Segel. Jason was dating some random chick after breaking up with Michelle Williams (apparently he was a CLASS “A” clinger). We thought Cameron was dating that Telsa billionaire, but recent sightings suggest otherwise (unless she is cheating on the dude). So how did Jason Segel end up hooking up with Cameron Diaz? Well for starters, they did a movie together called “Bad Teacher” – we gotta assume that is where they met.

So how do we know they are banging? They have been spotted twice together in the Hamptons (when Cameron has a home)….They were spotted at a party and then going grocery shopping together (uh, if that isnt a sign of hooking up, I dont know what is)…After picking up the groceries, they locked themselves away in Cameron’s house, not to be seen again for a day or two. All the signs are pointing to major hook up fests….

What do you think of the new, uh, couple?