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Lamar Odom – MISSING! Friends and Family Worried!

As we first told you last week, Lamar Odom is battling a serious drug addiction and its causing his entire life to fall apart. His marriage and career are on the line now, and after a failed intervention on Wednesday, Lamar has gone missing. Friends and family close to Lamar say that nobody has seen or heard from him for 72 hours (3 days) and they fear he is on a drug binge. When we first brought you the story, we didnt know exactly which drug Lamar is addicted to, but now we know he is addicted to crack cocaine.

He has been battling his addiction for 2 years and since the end of the basketball season, the problem has gotten really serious. The Kardashian family tried to stage an intervention with him on Wednesday which he flat out rejected, and that is why Khloe kicked him out. Now, he is missing. People close to him are afraid he is holed up somewhere on a drug binge (and praying to their God’s that he isnt dead).

More details to follow….When Lamar resurfaces, we will let you know…….


Duck Dynasty Star KICKED OUT of hotel – Confused for a homeless man!


One of the stars of Duck Dynasty was tossed out of a NYC hotel because the staff confused him for a homeless man…..granted his attire leaves a lot to be desired, but do you think that was the right call for the hotel?Duck Dynasty star Jase Robertston says he has been a victim of facial profiling, when the staff did not believe him when he said he is a guest at the hotel. Jase was in NYC to go on the “Live! Kelly and Michael” show to promote the 4th season of the hit show, Duck Dynasty.

He understands that the staff might not have known who he was, but when he asked to use the restroom in the hotel the staffer said “Right this way sir” and lead him right out of the hotel, pointed down the road and said “Good Luck”.

All in all, Roberston took the situation in stride and continued to promote his HIT A&E show.