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UPDATE: Gia Allemand Cause of Death REVEALED


*Update 7:12 PM*
We have now learned that Gia Allemand committed suicide by hanging. Her boyfriend came home and found her hanging & immediately called 911

The tragic and sudden death of Gia Allemand has taken the reality world by storm. Now we finally have some details that reveal what emergency medical condition caused to her go to ICU and later die. She was in more pain then she allowed anyone to know.

Gia suffered massive brain and organ failure after an apparent suicide attempt. On Monday night, Gia’s boyfriend (NBA Star Ryan Anderson) found Gia unconcious on the floor and immediatley called 911. She was rushed to University Hospital where she was put on life support, but passed away on Wednesday, her family confirms. Her family is asking for privacy during this matter.

Suicide is serious. If you know someone who needs help, please call the National Suicide prevention hotline 1-800-273-TALK (8255). Help prevent tragedies like this.