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Khloe & Lamar – HUGE MARRIAGE CRISIS – Due to drug abuse


Sources close to Khloe and Lamar are saying despite the cheating rumors, the real problem in the marriage is drugs.  Its come to light that Lamar is a serious drug addict, and even went to rehab last August, where he only stayed for about 3 weeks (against his will).  Its so serious that the family staged an intervention for Lamar and when the intervention failed, Khloe kicked him out of the house.  Khloe does believe that Lamar cheated as well, but she is more concerned about the drugs.  Lamar has been an addict for about 2 years and after his stint in rehab, managed to stay clean for the season with the Clippers but when the season was over he slipped back into the addiction.

Despite the rumors of divorce, neither has contacted a lawyer and Khloe is more concerned about saving Lamar.  No word on exactly what drug Lamar is addicted to.


Kanye West DEBUTS Baby North!!! Finally!


FINALLY! After nearly 3 months in hiding, Kanye West debuted baby North West to the world on the Kris Jenner show. Of course, Kris is trying to boost ratings (if not, Fox will give her show the ax because its in a “trial period”) and who better to have on than the guy who never talks to anyone.
Not only did we get to see baby North, but we got to see a softer side of Kanye. He called Kim his “joy”, explaining how much he loves her, and how worth it she is. Kanye has always had a thing for Kim (10+ years – persistence pays people1) and he says now she has brought his new joy into his life.

What do you think of baby North West? Do you think they took too long to present her to the world? (I mean seriously, a future King of England was born and we saw him the day after birth).

Vicki Gunvalson involved in MURDER FOR HIRE plot!


Ever since Vicki got herself involved with the scumbag that is Brooks Ayers, her life has been a roller coaster. She has found herself in the news more than she probably likes, and this time, her name is coming up in a murder for hire plot!

We brought you the story earlier about Brooks and Vicki’s legal war – battling over a vodka company they were supposed to open together- with another business partner. Now the business partner has filed a lawsuit (which Brooks has countered with a defamation lawsuit), and in court docs it claims that Brooks was trying to hire a hit man to kill Vicki’s business partner – and they have actively uncovered evidence to suggest that was really Brooks’ intention. Brooks isnt the most stable of people – we know this after that nasty drunken rant he went on – so it is possible he was looking for someone to do a “hit”…..The question is, did Vicki know? We are guessing she didnt, because she didnt even know he was cheating on her….Geez Vicki, keep better company!!

Lamar Odom – Will Not Be Prosecuted for Camera SMASHING

The L.A. City Attorney’s Office has said today that they will not be prosecuting Lamar Odom for smashing the hell out of a paparazzi’s camera (sometime last month). Apparently the paparazzi starting saying some things that really pissed Odom off (Odom is otherwise a pretty chill dude)…it’s been said that the photog was accusing Lamar of cheating on his wife, Khloe Kardashian. Well that tickled Odom’s funny bone because he lauched at the photog and smashed his camera.

What will happen is the LA Attorney’s Office will sit both Odom and the photog down and explain the rules and boundaries between celebrities and paparazzi. The City Attorney may order Lamar to Anger Management, but that has yet to be seen.

Details to follow!

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta NEWS! Its Labor Day!



Sources at Love and Hip Hop Atlanta have confirmed that Star Rasheeda Frost is in LABOR!  Husband (ugh) Kirk Frost confirmed it today by posting a photo of Rasheeda in the hospital……Looks like baby boy Carter Frost is on the way!!!  Wish Rasheeda luck!

Follow them on Instagram @Frost117 and @Rasheeda

Kris Jenner DISHES on Kim, Kayne & Parenthood!


Kris Jenner went on Extra on Tuesday and answered questions that everyone has been asking!  She explains how Kim feels about being a mother and her health after baby, and how she feels about Kanye and the relationship.  Kris said that Kim is feeling “so good” after the birth of her daughter North and that she is feeling healthy.  Kris said she is eating right, full of energy and enjoying her “maternity leave” with her new baby.  As you recall, Kim gave birth to baby North West on June 15 (about 2 months ago). 

As for how she feels about Kanye…..Kris says she loves Kanye, and if you didnt know, Kanye has been shacking up at the Jenner mansion in Calabasas since the birth of his daughter, because he and Kim are waiting to finish some renovations on the Bel Air mansion they purchased earlier this year.  Kris also said of Kanye “he is so clean, he is really a great member of the family.” 

More details to follow and stay updated for photos of baby North West’s debut on the Kris Jenner show.

Brooks Ayers Apologizing for Drunken, Filthy rant about Vicki Gunvalson



In Real Housewives news, Radar Online is reporting that Brooks Ayers is apologizing for a drunken rant where he is recorded SLAMMING his on-again-off-again girlfriend Vicki Gunvalson.  The recording is said to have been taken by Ryan, who is Vicki’s son in law, while out for a night drinking with Brooks.  Among other disgusting things, he called her a “f*cking whore”.  They have been dating since 2011 and have been going through a nasty split since early 2013.  They are also entangled in a lawsuit over a vodka product they planned to launch.  Aint love grand?


For full details and to see Brooks entire statement, check Radar Online. 

Gia Allemand Suicide – DETAILS EMERGE!



According to police documents obtained by TMZ, it is apparent that Gia Allemand was fighting with her boyfriend, NBA Star Ryan Anderson only hours before she hung herself.  Gia was accusing Ryan of cheating on her, and it is said that Ryan told her he didnt love her anymore.  If you have been following the story, Ryan is the one who found her hanging – from a vacuum cord.   When Ryan found her, she had been without oxygen for more than half an hour, but was still barely alive.  She was rushed to the hospital where she died shortly after.  She did leave a suicide note.

Kim Kardashian and baby North West SPOTTED!



Only the 3rd time being seen publicly since giving birth on June 15, Kim Kardashian stepped out with baby North West and Kayne West for a most somber occasion.  Kim and Kanye took baby North West on her first trip – to Oklahoma City – to attend a funeral service being held for Kanye’s grandfather who just passed away recently.  Kim wore a fitted black dress, revealing (somewhat) her post baby body -and she is looking great! Kim was carrying baby North, draped under a dark green blanket (no- photogs were not able to get a glimpse of the baby) for the service.  Once the services were over, the happy family jetted back to California to attend a “family dinner”  for Kim’s youngest sister, Kylie, who turned 16 that weekend. 



What do you think about Kim’s post-baby figure?  Do you think she has been in hiding too long?  When do you think we will get a glimpse of baby North West?

Leave your thoughts in the comments below…..


*Photos courtesy of E! News*

Kim Zolciak has BIG Baby News!



Kim Zolciak, one of the stars of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, announced in June that she was expecting AGAIN!  But thats old news right?  Well, Kim and husband Kroy Biermann announced today that they are expecting TWINS!  These two bundles of joy are going to be the 5th and 6th children for Kim, and 3rd and 4th for Kroy.  Kim has two daughters, Arianna and Brielle, from a previous relationship.  Kim says that she and Kroy are over the moon to be expecting twins, and she said “they were concieved naturally and twins do run in the family” so it is a welcome surprise for the star and her NFL Atlanta Falcons hubby, Kroy. 

As you probably remember, shortly after Kim announced this latest pregnancy, photos surfaced of her smoking cigarettes while pregnant (which is NOT OK!) and there was a HUGE public backlash!  We are hoping she has quit the cigs for good and we want to wish the expectant parents a HUGE Congratulations!!