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Khloe & Lamar – HUGE MARRIAGE CRISIS – Due to drug abuse


Sources close to Khloe and Lamar are saying despite the cheating rumors, the real problem in the marriage is drugs.  Its come to light that Lamar is a serious drug addict, and even went to rehab last August, where he only stayed for about 3 weeks (against his will).  Its so serious that the family staged an intervention for Lamar and when the intervention failed, Khloe kicked him out of the house.  Khloe does believe that Lamar cheated as well, but she is more concerned about the drugs.  Lamar has been an addict for about 2 years and after his stint in rehab, managed to stay clean for the season with the Clippers but when the season was over he slipped back into the addiction.

Despite the rumors of divorce, neither has contacted a lawyer and Khloe is more concerned about saving Lamar.  No word on exactly what drug Lamar is addicted to.


Kourtney’s baby daddy drama!

Kourtney Kardashian is mad about the lawsuit filed by the guy who claims he is the biological father of her son Mason.

Michael Girgenti is the male model claiming he’s the real father of her 3-year-old and seeking joint custody in a paternity suit filed Thursday in Los Angeles, however his paternity claim doesn’t ring true to the people that know her.

“This whole thing is so ridiculous,” the source close to Kourtney said. “She thinks it is stupid and it really isn’t true.”

I guess time will tell, actually the paternity test will.