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Gia Allemand – Days Before Her Death – Details Emerging



Just one day before she decided to hang herself, Gia Allemand was in church taking notes on the Sunday sermon.  On Monday, Gia hung herself in her New Orleans home, where she was discovered by her boyfriend, NBA player Ryan Anderson.  In the months leading up to her death, she expressed concerns over her relationship with the basketballer to friends and family.  According to sources, the worry over the relationship appeared to be normal but Gia was fighting insecurities in the months leading up to her suicide.

As you know, Gia Allemand hung herself on Monday morning, but died 2 days later, on Wednesday, in University Hospital with her mother and boyfriend by her side. 



TMZ got their hands on the 911 call placed by “Bachelor” star Gia Allemand’s boyfriend Ryan Anderson moments after her suicide attempt. You can hear what sounds like Ryan saying “don’t stop” while giving her CPR.

Go to the link below to hear the 911 call.